Board of Directors

SMTACCAC Board Of Directors Photo

SMTCCAC, Inc. is steered by a dedicated Board of Directors, comprising volunteers who are deeply committed to our mission. Our board ensures a balanced representation, drawing members equally from the consumer base of Calvert, Charles, and St. Mary’s counties. This diverse group includes:

  • Community Representatives: Voices from the local populace, ensuring our actions resonate with the community's needs.
  • Private Sector Leaders:  Experts from various industries, bringing a wealth of knowledge and professional acumen.
  • Local Government Envoys:  Delegates from local government, providing insights and fostering synergies with public initiatives.

These individuals are not just board members but are custodians of our vision. They guide SMTCCAC's strategic path, ensuring we remain aligned with our goals and values. Their role goes beyond governance; they are advocates for efficient resource management and embody the spirit of community service. Their dedication is pivotal in steering SMTCCAC towards a future where every community member's potential is realized.

Join Our Board

We currently have open positions within our Board of Directors. This is an extraordinary opportunity for those who are passionate about making a significant impact in our communities. If you're interested in contributing your skills and experience to our board, or if you require more information, please contact us at 301-274-4474, Extension: 253. You can also learn more and express your interest by filling out the application below:

Board of Directors Candidate Application


Calvert County

Mr. Ronald Clark
Consumer Representative (1st Vice-Chair)

Mr. Josephus L. Harris, Jr.
Consumer Representative

Charles County

Rev. Ernest Downs
Rep. of County Government (Chairperson)

Ms. Anita Bratcher-Butler
Rep. of County Government (2nd Vice-Chair)

Mr. Reuben Collins, II
Private Sector Representative

Ms. Veronica Kelly
Head Start Policy Council Appointee Consumer Representative (Treasurer)

St. Mary's County

Ms. Mary E. Dryden
Representative of Elected Official

Mr. Joseph D. Frederick
Private Sector Representative (Secretary)

Mr. Garnell Miles
Private Sector Representative

Ms. Raquel Stone
Consumer Representative