Emergency Assistance

Covid19 Emergency Assistance

  • Provides emergency assistance for those negatively impacted by COVID-19.
  • Could provide emergency rental and water bill assistance.

Application Links

Intake Application
Consent Forms
Customer Release Form
Customer Self-Attestation Form

Additional Help

Phone: 301-274-4474
Email: emergencyassistance@smtccac.org


Landlord Checklist Documents

  • Current Signed and completed – W-9 Form – SENT BY WORKER
  • Current Signed and dated – Delinquent Rent Roll form - SENT BY WORKER

Applicant Checklist Documents

  • Signed and dated application
  • Signed and dated disclosures and consent forms
  • Valid State Issued Identification – Driver’s License, Permit, Id Card, Passport, LPR
  • Social Security cards for everyone in applicant’s household
  • Current Lease (Rent)
  • All household consecutive earned income – paystubs, employer letter, and/or declaratory statement
  • If reduction of income, provide consecutive paystubs of reduced income
  • All household unearned income – SSI, SSDI, SSA, TCA, Unemployment, VA, Pension etc.
  • Proof of crisis (bill, delinquency letter, and/or late notice)
  • Letter from employer stating employee was affected by COVID 19 by reduction of hours and/ or temporary or permanent closed.
  • *** An official letter (letter) from employer with telephone, signature (signed, not type), title, and telephone number for verification is MANDATORY
  • *Any other documents or verifications deemed necessary to complete emergency assistance application by caseworker*​